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Angie's Earhart Adventure

Posted by Angie B on September 21, 2012 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (17)

This is my attempt to follow, as closely as posible, the route around the world that Amelia Earhart attempted using the same aircraft.

 I will be using an aircraft that to my findings, closely resembles her's the most. and it's available on this site. It does not have GPS but has either the Sperry system of the time period or the second panel that has newer but very basic A/P fuctions.

  I will be using my onboard compass and my map to navigate - no GPS or other software except for my fuel monitering gauge. The aircraft comes with a sextant, drift meter, and built-in E6-B calculator. It's my hope that I will have learned and mastered these by the end of the mission!

  I feel that I have learned a lot over the last few months and I feel ready to do this. Some may thing "Big Deal" - it's a game. Well, it's not to me, this means more than flight simulation to me for reasons that are personal.

  Before I even start, I want to thank the people who helped me feel that confidence again in my life:

  First is Joan D. for the information seeking nose of her's and then there's Carl who directed me to AOA, (wonderful site), Rory for his tools and informative comment, not to mention his loveable character! And Chris Palmer of Angel of Attack, who's lessons are second to none! (If you haven't been there - you need to get there)! And all of the people at MaxFreight and Peerhoven Air who have put up with me - My deepest thanks!

  Last, but not at all the least, my loving and considerate boyfriend Steve Klinebriel. He got me started, supplied the PC's, Software, and most importantly, the love and understanding like no man I've ever met. He deserves an award just for that!

Thank you all!

  Tomorrow is the first leg - KOAK-KBUR