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Angie's Earhart Adventure

Posted by Angie B on September 21, 2012 at 7:45 PM

This is my attempt to follow, as closely as posible, the route around the world that Amelia Earhart attempted using the same aircraft.

 I will be using an aircraft that to my findings, closely resembles her's the most. and it's available on this site. It does not have GPS but has either the Sperry system of the time period or the second panel that has newer but very basic A/P fuctions.

  I will be using my onboard compass and my map to navigate - no GPS or other software except for my fuel monitering gauge. The aircraft comes with a sextant, drift meter, and built-in E6-B calculator. It's my hope that I will have learned and mastered these by the end of the mission!

  I feel that I have learned a lot over the last few months and I feel ready to do this. Some may thing "Big Deal" - it's a game. Well, it's not to me, this means more than flight simulation to me for reasons that are personal.

  Before I even start, I want to thank the people who helped me feel that confidence again in my life:

  First is Joan D. for the information seeking nose of her's and then there's Carl who directed me to AOA, (wonderful site), Rory for his tools and informative comment, not to mention his loveable character! And Chris Palmer of Angel of Attack, who's lessons are second to none! (If you haven't been there - you need to get there)! And all of the people at MaxFreight and Peerhoven Air who have put up with me - My deepest thanks!

  Last, but not at all the least, my loving and considerate boyfriend Steve Klinebriel. He got me started, supplied the PC's, Software, and most importantly, the love and understanding like no man I've ever met. He deserves an award just for that!

Thank you all!

  Tomorrow is the first leg - KOAK-KBUR


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Reply Jimmy
11:52 PM on January 17, 2016 
I just read your blog, didn't know it existed till now.
Reply Angie B
6:24 PM on June 21, 2013 
Leg 12 : GOOY,Dakar,Senegal - GAGO,Gao,Mali
Dep.:09:30 Arr.:17:00
Dist.: 1029.5nm Fuel: 372.8 Dur.: 6h30m

Dep. WX: Brkn clds. Wnd: [email protected] Vis:10mi.
Arr WX: Clr Wnd.: [email protected] Vis: +30

I overloaded this flight with over 900 gals. of fuel and that slowed me down. At crusie level of 6,000ft. I still avereraged around 145KIAS so not too bad as the plane was espescially designed for the extra weight.

About an hour out I skirtted a T-storm but I saw it coming and went around it, besides, I like the thunder effects in fs9!

At Halfway point - Clear skies and Wnds about [email protected] so all together a very good flight and and excellent way to spend the day off in peace!

Next time I hope I know more about fuel management - I'v ask but no one gives me advice on how/when to adjust mixture! That has me a little upset. :o(
Reply Angie B
10:46 AM on June 21, 2013 
Leg 11 : GOSS,St.Louis,Senegal - GOOY,Dakar,Senagal
Dep.:08:00 Srr.:08:57
Dist.: 111.1nm Fuel:20.2 Dur.: 0h57m

Dep. WX was Clear - Vis. unlimited
Arr. WX: Broken @ 6,000ft. Wnds: [email protected]

My shortest flight so far. I was nice to just relax and fly low n slow along the coast. Amelia would have freaked out to see the big 747 I parked next to at GOOY! Pic's in photo album.

Next up Leg 12 to GAGO,Gao,Mali is expected to take about 8 hours so must get coffee ready.
Reply Angie B
10:00 AM on June 21, 2013 
Leg 10: SBNT,Natal,Brazil - GOSS,St.Louis,Senegal
Dep.:05:30 Arr.:16:35
Dist.:1743nm Fuel: 651.7 Dur.: 10h05m

Longest flight to date - tired, going to bed.
Reply Angie B
10:08 AM on May 3, 2013 
Leg 9: SBFZ,Fortaleza,Brazil - SBNT,Natal,Brazil
Dep.:08:00 Arr.:09:35
Dist.:235nm Fuel:99.6 Dur.:01h35m

Dep WX: Lt.Clds. Wnd.:[email protected] Vis.:10nm
Arr. WX: Brkn.Clds. Wnd.:[email protected] Vis.: 10nm

Not much to report this flight. Short and sweet. I only loaded one tank with 160 gallons and that gave me a very good 168KIAS airspeed.
I still need to work on my fuel management and mixture controls. I will need that for the next leg that's estimated to be over 13 hours long!
Reply Steve K.
5:10 PM on May 1, 2013 
Great job Angie!
Reply Angie B
8:07 PM on April 30, 2013 
Leg 8: SMZO,Paramaribo,Suriname - SBFZ,Fortaleza,Brazil
Dep.07:00 Arr.: 16:16
Dist.: 1165.2nm Fuel:484.4 Dur.: 08h16m

Dep. weather: T-storms, Vis. less than 10nm Wds.: [email protected]
Arr. weather: T-storms, Vis.15nm Wds:[email protected]
Not a bad flight just long. Avg. Crs. at 8,000ft. was only 112kts. IAS so I wondered why. Then I noticed my gear was still down - halfway through the damn flight! Put gear up and Avg. speed went to 132-154kts. IAS! I felt like a damn idiot!
Other than that, a great flight with a picture perfect landing. I'll get all my pics posted here soon.
Reply Angie B
7:05 PM on January 31, 2013 
Leg 7: SVMT,Maturin - SMZO,Paramanbo,Suiname
Dep:09:05 Arr:13:32
Dist.:594.3nm Fuel:195.0 Dur.:04h27m

Dep. Rwy5 for 11000ft.. Lt.Clds. [email protected]
Arr. right downwind Rwy.29.
Clear weather (real) the entire flt. Probably the best leg so far.
See you next leg!
Reply Angie B
8:47 AM on January 26, 2013 
Leg 6: TJSJ,San Juan,PR - SVMT,Maturin,Venezuela*
Dep.08:00 Arr.12:15
Dist.:588.9 Fuel:87.9 Dur.:4h15m
Photo's uploaded to album on this site.

Departed TJSJ Rwy26 with light rain that turned heavy aprox. 30nm out but didn't last long - by 70nm out I had clear skies and only a slight head-wind.

* Please note that the original planned destination was SV88 Caripito. That Arpt. no longer exist and is not available in or for FS. I chose SVMT as it was closest at aprox. 21nm from the given coordinates.
Reply Angie B
9:35 AM on January 23, 2013 
Leg 5: KOPF,Miami - TJSJ,San Juan,PR
Dep.09:30 Arr. 15:45
Dist. 949.7nm Fuel:309.3 Dur.: 5h15m

Departed 27R w/ real WX, Lt.Clds Wnd. [email protected] Vis. +50 with a very slight rain.
Arrival WX: Lt. Clds. [email protected] Vis. 30 i really need to learn better to manage fuel or i'll sufer the same fate as Amelia I know nothing about how prop spd./ rpm nor mixture controls. Any advice would be appreciated. See ya after leg 6.
Reply Angie B
3:52 PM on January 21, 2013 
Leg 4: KNEW,Lakefront - KOPF,Opa Locka,Miami,FL.
Dep. 09:10 Arr.13:34
Dist. 590nm Fuel:257.2gal. Der.: 3h24m

Been awhile since last flt. basically relearning the plane. She is one slow bird!
Arr.Rwy12 and ATC Grd. had me all over the Arpt. just to park. Not going to use ATC in Flt. as Amelia didn't have it like it is today. Used real weather.
Reply Angie B
12:54 PM on September 24, 2012 
Leg 3: KRYN - KNEW,Lakefront Muni.-New Orleans
Dep.08:10/15:10zulu Arr.16:23/2123z
Dist.1108.5nm Fuel:408.5gal Dur:6h13m

Wasn't going to use ATC these flights but I did with this one. WX: Dep.Rwy6R wds:[email protected]` Vis. 50
Arr. Rwy18R [email protected] Vis.
Reply Angie B
7:17 PM on September 22, 2012 
Leg 2: KBUR,Burbank-KRYN,Ryan Fld.,Tucson,AZ
Depart:1400/2100z Arr.:1646/2346z.
Didt.: 389nm Fuel:114 Dur.:2h41m
Not a bad flight. Started off with a lot of clouds but they thined out. By the time I got to RYN, almost no wind and visibility +50.
The day is ending much better than the way it started. Time for a beer break with my man!
Reply Angie B
5:03 PM on September 22, 2012 
Leg 1: KOAK,Oakland-KBUR,Burbank
Dist: 285nm Fuel:119.5 Dur.:1h09m

Had some serious gauge issues and had to re-start four times before able to complete this leg. I hope that's not a sign of things to come. Gauge deleted and no further problems.
T/O KOAK 0630/1330zulu Rwy29 Wnds:[email protected]` Crs 9,000ft.
Foggy most of the way. Used default ATC for T/O but canceled plan.
I still need a fuel mgt. computer gauge, but for now I'am OK. I refuse to give up after all the planning into this. That's not my style. Setting up for leg #2 now but with less fuel. Aircraft performed very nicely.
See you in Tucson!
Reply Joan
2:32 AM on September 22, 2012 
The Spirit of Adventure is in your soul...
Go, Angie, Go!
Reply Chris Palmer
10:08 PM on September 21, 2012 
Wow! This is going to be a serious long haul! And what a big adventure it'll be. Best of luck on the outset of your journey!

BTW, my cat is named Amelia after you know who ;)
Reply Steve K.
9:14 PM on September 21, 2012 
You go baby! You know I'm with you all the way!
I know you want to do this on your own, and I feel that you can and will do good but remember i'm here for you if you need anything. I know you don't want to hear it, but I reccomend doing with crashes turned off!