Rory's radar package

NEW! 9.01.2012

Rory has been hard at work again! This time with a radar gauge package!

Compatible with fs2002 and fs2004

Click to download for FS2002 & FS2004 (3.2MB)

NEW Version for FSX

Click here to download for FSX (3.6MB)

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FS2004 and fsx aircraft downloads

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All of my Airsource - ASHA paints can be found HERE

Amelia Earhart's L10E Electra

NEW!  (09.20.2012)  FS2004 Lockheed L10E from FS-Design Berlin.

The goal of this project was to create an L10E with specifications and features as close as possible to Amelia Earhart's L10E. While this aircraft can be flown in any situation, the primary intent is to fly it in the commemorative of Amelia Earhart's 1937 World Flight.

Includes a Sperry panal & a more modern AP panel

FSX Version is pending upload

Click HERE to Download  (9.88MB)


newest files are listed first

FS2004 / FSX   Cessna C-177B - AOPA Cardinal

Originally a payware model from Flight1 Software, this aircraft was given to members of AOPA during a sweepstakes promotion.

Now it can be yours!

You may need to change the panel for FS2004



FS9/FSX B737-800W "Phoebe" of Peerhoven Air VA

Model by Project OpenSky Repaint, Steve Klinebriel


FS9/FSX B737-800W of the Tampa Bay Rays MLB Team

Model by Project OpenSky, repaint Steve Klinebriel

This is my BEST work - it took months to finish -

Worth every minute!


FS9/FSX - FS9B737-200  Air South and Air South Philadelphia Eagles (one package)

FS2004/FSX  Kittyhawk Boeing 737-200 Also works in FSX but you will need to change the panel. Paintkit. includes instructions to help those relatively new to painting on what and where to paint using this simple and time-effective method. PSD files compatible with Paint Shop Pro v7 .
(Available on this site - Misc. Downloads)
Paintkit by Tom Collins, model by Erick Cantu/Kittyhawk Productions. Repaint by Steve Klinebriel.
This repaint is not available on any other site!

           CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD   (4.26MB)


Paint Kit link updated 7.23.2012



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